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Founded in December 2024, we are still offering our unique classes designed to fit your specific needs regardless of your current level of fitness. Every conditioning session is done one-on-one with a certified teacher or in close supervised groups, We offer a variety of training techniques that range from classic Pilates to the most revolutionary and evolved cutting-edge workouts ever created.
The Pilates Studio of Reno integrates different pieces of equipment and accessories to take you to the next level of fitness, always respecting and never compromising the Pilates guidelines and principles making this Studio one of a kind.

Come join us at The Pilates Studio of Reno where we will help you improve on your overall health and reach your fitness goals. Whether it be a Group class or personal training session, you will surely find something to help you keep in shape and feeling great.

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All classes are taught by Pilates instructors who have been certified. Some of the certifications instructors hold are, Polestar, Elli Herman, Balance Body University, Pilates Coach, Sport City University and Pfilates just to mention a few.

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45 Foothill Rd

Suite 2

Reno, NV 89511

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